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Things Are Going to Look a Little Different Around Here

Long Thread Media LLC, a new company formed by Interweave founder Linda Ligon and longtime editor Anne Merrow, announced that it has purchased the publications and products related to handspinning, handweaving, and traditional needlearts that were formerly part of Interweave.

“Looking at these rich, niche crafts, we knew that they needed a very personal approach in order to thrive today and in the future,” says Merrow. The three subscription magazines—Handwoven, Spin Off, and PieceWork—will continue publication and remain at the core of the new company, which will also develop video, multimedia, events, print, digital, and other products in those crafts. “Spinners, weavers, and traditional textile buffs count on au-thentic community and solid technical information. Linda and I know them; we are them,” Merrow adds. Read the full press release.

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Weavers Everywhere Rely on Handwoven - Here’s Why

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Handwoven is the go-to resource for everyone interested in weaving, from beginners to seasoned professionals. With Handwoven by your side, you’ll quickly feel like you are a part of the weaving community. Each issue introduces you to interesting weavers and is filled with project ideas, in-depth technical discussions, book reviews, and helpful hints that will make your weaving fun and efficient. You’ll learn how to use the latest tools and always be among the first to know about new innovations or creative ideas.

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